Apr 13


TCB’s oversees offices represented Bonaire at various tradeshows at which Bonaire received positive feedback across the board and even won several awards.

Next month, we will be launching Bonaire’s first “Cuisine Month” Program. The entire month of May will be dedicated to showcasing Bonaire’s gastronomic side and kicking it off will be this year’s first Taste of Bonaire on Friday evening, May 3rd, 2015. A special component not to be missed that night will be the Bar Tender Competition.

In the area of E-Marketing, the website www.tourismbonaire.com  is now available in Dutch, English and Spanish. TCB will continue to manage the content on the website to ensure that it remains current.

Airlift and the increase of seat capacity remains a top priority. A delegation representing Bonaire comprised of both the private and public sectors traveled to Panama City to meet with Copa Airlines and discussions are ensuing. The focus this year is to seek direct airlift to Bonaire from Latin America. This market has enormous potential for Bonaire not only for connecting new markets into a hub like Panama, but also to provide better connections for Brazilian passengers.

We invite you to read more about our activities in this month’s New Entre Nous.