Apr 07

Media scheduled to “EAT THEIR WAY” around Bonaire

TCB-NA will be hosting a cuisine press trip in May. The itinerary’s main focus will be on Bonaire’s cuisine. TCB has secured top cuisine bloggers/social media influencers to participate in this escorted press trip and they are:

Eat ther way

  • Stefanie Michaels, known to legions of fans as “Adventure Girl®,” has carved a unique niche in the world of travel and entertainment. Within just 12 months of joining Twitter, Stefanie has been named to Twitter’s Top Global 100 and Top 50 Tweeple to Follow. With more than a million Twitter fans and growing, she is the go-to-girl for everything travel. She has shared tips for People Magazine, Access Hollywood, and the New York Times. Dubbed “America’s Tweetheart” in a Vanity Fair Magazine feature for having 1 million Twitter followers, she’s been the focus of Time Magazine’s feature, “Love me, Love my brand”, and sits on Forbes’ list of Top 20 Branded Women Online. She has appeared on various morning shows as well talking about travel. Stefanie is also a member of a gourmet traveling foodie group called Traveling Gourmands. Traveling Gourmands are an influential group of gallivanting gastronomes, who travel around the globe and love distinctive cuisine from all over the world and have loyal social media followings. In a single dinner, they can make more than 7 million impressions for a brand



  • Kellee Edwards, of Kellee Set Go! is a scuba diver and an adrenaline junkie who does travel and adventure by land, sea and air. She recently started a monthly travel segment on Fox 5 San Diego, and has been featured in Pilot Getaways, Essence and USAToday. Kellee is also a member of a gourmet traveling foodie group Traveling Gourmand. Kellee will be blogging/vlogging about her experience visiting Bonaire for Kellee Set Go, and posting to her Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram accounts.
  • Alex Britell, is the founder and editor of Caribbean Journal. Alex will be writing a variety of blog/social media posts for Caribbean Journal that highlight all of the dining and culinary options Bonaire offers its visitors. Caribbean Journal has a readership of 195,000.
  • Michelle Yam, is a lifestyle photographer and is the founder of www.michelleyam.com. Michelle will be posting about her experience visiting Bonaire on MichelleYam.com, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Her Instagram account alone has more than 45,000 followers. Michelle is another member of the Traveling Gourmand.