Dec 19

Room inventory update

Dear Tourism Partner,

Due to the changes in 10/10/2010 the Immigration removed the E/D cards from operation. Since January of this year we started a pilot project introducing the Bonaire Non Resident Cards which was not obligatory to be filled out. This was handed out on United Airlines, Ark Fly and Insel Air. We have distributed over 15,000 cards to the airlines. Based on these cards we got a good sample for a survey and received demographical information. However we are also in need of updated information from our private sector with in particular the accommodation sector.

The Tourism Corporation Bonaire is in need of the following information:

  • Occupancy percentage
  • Total room nights
  • Average length of stay

This information is valuable and important for the TCB in order to have up to date information and in order to be able to evaluate YTD how Bonaire as a destination is performing.

We kindly request you to fill out the below questionnaire in order to provide us with updated information. Please return it back by email to joannytrinidad@tourismbonaire.com


  1. Compared to 2014 how do you foresee the first quarter of 2015?


  1. Overall, how was your occupancy during 2014 compared to 2013?


  1. Did you see any positive changes or trends that have an impact on your property?


  1. Total Room Nights at your property?


  1. Average length of stay at your property?


  1. What type of guests stay at your hotel? Divers/Leisure/Business/Other

The Tourism Corporation Bonaire is presently in the process of recounting the total number of unit’s on-island for the year 2015 and beyond. The information provided will aid us in reporting accurate figures regarding the island wide occupancy rate and room inventory. With this in mind, we are asking you to complete the below information and return it to the Tourism Corporation Bonaire within two weeks.

For real estate only: Please enclose the amount of properties rented and type of accommodation (house/ apartment/villa etc.).


  1. Manager: _____________________________________________________________


  1. Operating Name Accommodation: _________________________________________


  1. Company Name Accommodation (NV/BV etc.): _______________________________


  1. Address: __________________________________ Tel/Fax: ____________________


  1. Category: (check applicable box/more than 1 box is possible, e.g. hotel with villa/condo)

Hotel □Apartment □Guesthouse □Bed & Breakfast □Condominium □Houses □Villa


  1. E-mail manager: ________________________________________________


  1. E-Mail to be used for TCB Database: ________________________________


  1. Website Accommodation: __________________________________________________


  1. Check applicable box/more than 1 box is possible for the hotel facilities:

□Beach     □Bar          □Restaurant    □Pool   □Kitchener    □Internet        □Dive shop

□Spa         □ Casino    □ Meeting Rooms   □ Car Rental      □ Activity Center

□ Kids Day Care          □ Other


  1. Average rate per night.

High Season: _________________________________________


Low Season: __________________________________________