Dec 17

Bonaire “Point to Point” by Federico Cabello

The well-known underwater photographer Federico Cabello has completed his ambitious project; to dive, photograph and document all of Bonaire’s more than ninety official dive sites in a book that is already available at the book stores.

The Point to Point coffee table book contains over 500 photographs (almost two years of constant research). It takes the reader from the northern end of the island, at Washington Slagbaai National Park, and guides him through each official dive site on the Main Island and Klein Bonaire. It should be noted here that new dive sites are still regularly being discovered. The official Bonaire Tourism Board recognized sites are marked with a yellow rock. The book contains images captured at every single one of these official sites as well as supporting short textual descriptions.

Bonaire is truly a magical place, both above and below the waterline. I hope you enjoy viewing the photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them. Federico Cabello, November 2014. For those interested in purchasing the book, please contact Federico at www.federicocabello.com. Cost at Amazon: http://goo.gl/rY98OX

Bonaire to Point