Dec 17

Bonaire “fakecation”

Continuing our efforts to promote the new Delta Friday flight to Bonaire, TCB-NA launched the Turn Your Bonaire Fakecation Into a Realcation, October 7, 2014. The sweepstakes was open to contestants October 7 – November 10, 2014.


To enter, contestants had to create a Fakecation picture that included a photo of Bonaire’s scenery, and a sign in the photo that read “Delta’s Friday Flight to Bonaire,” The photo must have been uploaded to Facebook with the hashtag #BonaireDeltaFlight, and tag @bonairetourism for entry.

The winner was announced via Bonaire’s Facebook page on Tuesday, November 11, 2014. Jake Woods from Louisiana was the lucky winner. He won two roundtrip coach class airline tickets on Delta Airlines, and a seven nights’ stay for two at Eden Beach Resort Bonaire.

The contest was posted daily on Bonaire’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to encourage our followers to enter. The contest created a lot of buzz on BonaireTourism’s Facebook page. Each Fakecation post that was posted on BonaireTourism’s Facebook page reached an average of 23,900 followers!