Jun 13

Productive days promoting Bonaire in Cartagena and Baranquilla

SA7The announcement that INSEL AIR is to start flying on June 20th to Barranquilla, was received as great news by travel agencies.  They usually connect the Dutch Caribbean via Bogota or Panama.  Now passengers travelling will Insel Air from Barranquilla and surrounding cities Cartagena and Santa Marta, can fly directly with very competitive rates offered by Insel to the Caribbean.SA8


During Insel’s  presentations Bonaire was actively promoted.  Many of the participants knew about Bonaire and its location. The promotions of Royal Caribbean at national level has really exposed Bonaire.   Previous to the official presentations, Insel Air together with TCB, visited main tour operators and travel agencies.  Opportunities now for Bonaire now to receive divers from Cartagena and Santa Marta,  TCB with new location in Medellin will keep us working closely with Insel Air as a team, approaching the travel agents with the Bonaire programs.