Jun 12

TCB hosts DEMA’S executive Director for New Business Acquisition Seminar

Host DemaTCB hosted Tom Ingram, Executive Director of DEMA, for a seminar on one of DEMA’s newest marketing tools, the AnySite Marketing Information System from Pitney Bowes. The seminar, held at Captain Don’s Habitat Conference Room on May 22, 2014, brought together a mix of Bonaire hoteliers and dive retailers to learn how to use the tools they receive free through their DEMA membership to better understand the current customer and to find new customers.

Bonaire’s data run through this state-of-the-art system revealed that the average age of the current visitor is 52, with a growing number (40%) skewing younger between the ages of 46-55. Forty-one percent (41%) have children between the ages of 11-17 (tomorrow’s divers) in the household. It also indicated that 75% of the island’s visitors have an estimated income of $100,000 – $150,000+, with 45% having a net worth over $2,000,000. By utilizing this information, it will help Bonaire’s stakeholders to locate new cusomters and implement a marketing mix and acquisition strategy to potential new vistiors.

The AnySite Program is designed to assist retailers in marketing for new customers. It is the same tool used by retailers like Home Depot, and Office Max, vacation properties such as the Fairmont Hotels and even Mastercard. It is available to all DEMA Members, making it possible for members to locate and understand potential customers living new near their operatoin. To receive a copy of this complete presentation email: news@adams-pr.com.