Jun 10

Bonaire Tourist Figures 2012 – CBS

The tourism figures of 2012 in the Dutch Caribbean are provisionally. CBS has the intention to publish the definite outcomes in the course of 2014. The figures are entirely based on the available registers of the immigration, customs and the harbor master.

By plane – 7000 Tourists fly to Bonaire monthly

In 2012 82,000 tourists came to Bonaire by plane. That’s an average of 6,800 per month. The trend over the months in 2012 is comparable to the trends that have been published by TCB in 2009 and 2010. The figures of 2012 are higher: in 2010 70,000 tourists came to Bonaire by plane. Most of the tourists, who flew to Bonaire in 2012, came from the Netherlands (39%) and the USA (24%). The figures of the Dutch tourists are including tourists from Sint-Eustatius and Saba. Tourists from Curaçao (14%) and Aruba (3%) are mentioned separate.

Stay-over Tourism – 50% of the tourists have an average stay of 7 nights

Tourists, who came to Bonaire in 2012 by plane, had an average stay of 7 nights on island. One out of 10 were day tourists (no overnight) and more than half of the tourists stayed on Bonaire between 1 and 7 nights. Only 7% stayed for 14 nights.

In 2013 Bonaire counted almost 340 tourist accommodations of which 40% villas, 32% apartments, 14% hotels & resorts and 14% holiday houses. The total bed capacity was around 5,500 beds.

Cruise passengers – 155.000 Cruise tourists have visited Bonaire in 2012

In 2012 around 880 pleasure vessels (yacht) moored on to Bonaire. These stayed an average of 13,4 days and had an average of 3,1 passengers onboard. Most of the pleasure vessels came out of or went to Curaçao. Approximately 100 Cruise ships came to Bonaire with an average of 1,550 passengers onboard.