Feb 17

Words from the Director’s desk

Somewhere in my memory I have heard some of my American friends say “February is the Meanest Month of the Year”. Think about it. Many of those in the US and Europe for that matter suffer unstable weather, hot, cold, snow, blizzards. Just when you think you are ready to hang up those heavy woolens around the 20th, you are hit with 10 inches (30 cm) of snow. As a matter of fact the worst US storm ever was the “Blizzard of 88″was in March, no, it was 1888 but the Americans still talk about it as if were yesterday.


Fortunately, February on Bonaire is a time we welcome lots of visitors from the USA and Canada. Lots of schools and Universities have winter break and February is the month when the first (George Washington) and the 16th (Lincoln) USD Presidents have their birthdays celebrated. By creatively co mixing these dates many municipalities, etc. offer long weekend by using Monday’s as the ünofficial”day and we have a good number of visitors taking advantage of the chance to thaw out from the drudgery of the cold and inclement weather.

This year February also marked the return of TCB collecting visitor data from arriving guests to our island after more than a 3 years hiatus. This all important program allows us to collect factual statistics to help to keep Bonaire as the number 1 dive destination.

You can read more in this month’s New Entre Nous.

We look at February as a sort of barometer of how we are doing. The cruise ship season is well on its way and don’t forget February 14th was St. Valentine’s Day. In case you did forget there is always next year!

I would like to take a minute to thank all of our readers and stakeholders who are working to make our destination everyone’s first choice. To help with the effort, we have revamped the all-important Ambassador’s program to make it easier to recognize our loyal returning visitors. We are also improving our web presence to keep you up to date. Don’t forget…

ONCE A VISITOR, ALWAYS A FRIEND. I can’t say it enough, because it’s true!!


Ethsel Pieternella

Director of Tourism