Feb 12

Bonaire’s website renewal project

TCB is pleased to announce that www.tourismbonaire.com is being renewed and redesigned.

  • The new website will be fully responsive to optimize the viewing experience on desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.
  • It will be multi-lingual and it will also incorporate social media and SEO functionality.
  • Its purpose will be to engage visitors, communicate the unique experiences of Bonaire and convert website traffic into arrivals growth.

Having a functional website is crucial for the destination, looking at the digital trends. The website project will finalize March 31st , 2014. On behalf of TCB we kindly request all accommodations (Hotels/ Apartments/villas), Restaurants, Tour operators and Dive Operators to send your updated information. TCB will be contacting the private sector requesting specific information and also minimum 3 high resolution pictures. We thank all for your support in making Bonaire’s destination website top of the line.