Feb 06

Bonaire VISIBLE in the Brazilian Media

What better time to motivate visitors to come to Bonaire during the upcoming Brazilian Carnival and Easter holidays in Brazil.   Three of the most popular dive magazines at the giant market of Brazil, published their press releases highlighting Bonaire in the last trimester of 2013.  It was the result of their recent press visits on Bonaire.










Brasil Mergulho.  Enjoy the latest article from Brasil Mergulho.com.   Clecio Mayrink, owner and editor of this important online dive site, during his last press visit to Bonaire made a special report titled: “Bonaire um estúdio fotográfico marinho”  (Bonaire a Marine Photographic studio).   Readers were delighted with a beautiful full page report describing Bonaire as the perfect destination for underwater photography’s for its great visibility. Marine life and diving conditions.

Follow the report, clicking here: http://www.brasilmergulho.com/port/points/inter/bonaire/004/










Divemag.  An extensive 23 pages report titled “ SEREIAS EM BONAIRE CARIBE”  (Mermeids in Bonaire), was launched in December.  Photographer Kadu Pinheiro and freediver model Carol Schrappe, delighted readers about the dive sites most visited on Bonaire attracting divers of all levels and nationalities.  It was highlighted the benefits to dive 24/7 with more than 86 dive sites to discover.  An amazing underwater photo shoot with model Carol dressed as mermaid was carried out at Hilmar Hooker.  The report mentioned the outdoor activities nowadays Brazilians enjoy on island.

Follow full report, clicking here: http://divemag.org/wp-content/uploads/mag/divemag23w.pdf  




DecoStop.  Bonaire was highlighted again at DecoStop.  On its Dec-Jan edition, editor Rodrigo Collucini delighted their readers with a complete eye catching report of the Island of Bonaire titled “Bonaire cada dia Melhor”  (Bonaire getting better every day).  Through the 07 pages article was highlighted the improvement of services in the past five years: better hotels infrastructure, great  cuisine and most important for non divers, the outdoor activities visitors can enjoy in Bonaire.  Tech dive was highly recommended and the shipwrecks Hilma Hooker and Our Confidence.

Follow the report at www.magtab.com/deco-stop.