Feb 06

Media highlights

Caribbean Journal (Circulation: 85,000)

Bonaire was featured in Caribbean Journal in two separate stories this month. Both placements were a direct result of Editor Alex Britell, visiting Bonaire on a TCB sponsored press trip to Bonaire in February 2013.


  1. Bonaire’s Buddy Dive      Resort’s Ingridients Restaurant      was featured in the January 26 issue of Caribbean Journal. Entitled “Caribbean      Plate: Parmesan and Truffles at Bonaire’s Buddy Dive Resort,” the      story printed a recipe for what Britell describes as the “flagship dish”      of Ingridients. The article also highlights Buddy Dive as a haven for      divers, and is accompanied by a photo of the restaurant.


  1. The second article entitled      “The      Caribbean’s Best Hotel Bars – 2014,” featured Rum Runners/Deco Stop as      one of the best bars Caribbean bars. The placement profiles Captain Don’s      Habitat as a famous dive resort, and specifically recommends ordering a      rum punch from their oceanfront bar, Deco Stop. The article is accompanied      by a photo of Deco Stop.


Scuba Diving Magazine (Circulation: 125,000)

Bonaire has once again received top honors and was awarded seven different recognions in Scuba Diving Magazine’s 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards, including three #1 ratings, highlighting the island’s long held reputation as a diver’s paradise. For the 21st year, Bonaire has the honors for the #1 Shore Diving Destination.

The #1 Caribbean/Atlantic Region rankings received by Bonaire include Best Macro Diving, Best Shore Diving and Best Beginner Diving. The #2 rankings include Best Overall Destination and Best Marine Environment. Bonaire is also ranked #3 for Best Overall Diving and #4 for Best Visibility.


Examiner.com (37 Million Unique Visitors Per Month)

Bonaire is featured in the January 14 edition of Examiner.com. Entitled “Five Favorite Shore Dives on Bonaire,” Editor Scott Jones interviews the owner of H20 Visions Bonaire on her top dive sits on Bonaire. Red Baryl, Salt Pier, Carporal Meiss, Something Special and La Dania’s Leap are all highlighted as top shore diving sites that offer an abundant amount of marine life. To read this article click here.