Dec 10

TCB participates at the Chamber of Commerce Strategic Conference

On November 15th the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce organized and TCB Bonaire participated at the KvK Strategic Conference. This conference was held at the Divi Flamingo Resort and was well visited by several stake holders and other professionals. Tourism was one of the most important topics discussed during this meeting. The workshops had a dual purpose in the sense that they projected the strategic choices to be made by Bonaire. On the other hand the tourism workshop had to produce a short term tangible and substantive plan or project which could be executed based on the so called SMART criteria.

As tourism authority, TCB played an important role in formulating the path forward which will include the regional marketing program to be introduced by TCB Bonaire and the Divers Plus diversification program. The former means that we will be targeting visitors from Aruba and Curacao during the low seasons with special travel packages. The latter implies that we will be concentrating our marketing efforts not only on the divers market but also on aquatic sports, soft adventure and leisure related tourism.