Jul 11

TCB Bonaire | Upcoming Events

• Jazz Festival August 2, 3 and 4th, The Jazz festival
Taste of Bonaire; Friday july 26th
• The TCB office in Bonaire is temporarily moved to a new location across the street whilst the remodeling
of the office facilities is taking place, we foresee to be able to go back to our original location in 3 months.
• The PROVISIONAL Cruise schedule 2013-14 has arrived, please bear in mind that it is still subject to changes.
• Please check out the new DAE-Bonaire flyer, click here to view the flyer.
• A new display screen has been installed above the TCB office, we invite stakeholders and local businesses
to advise us of any cultural and tourist events so we can add it to the display.
• The next Marketing Meeting will be on the 23rd -24th of September. Please submit your topics that you would like us to discuss at info@tourismbonaire.com.