Dec 10

Bonaire Hosts Mega Fam Trip Meier’s Weltreisen

Meier's 20131

In the months of November and December Bonaire hosted a Mega Fam Trip from Meier’s Weltreisen. The top Agents of one of the biggest tour operators in Germany got a chance to experience Bonaire. Germany is the second most important market for European arrivals to Bonaire. It is certainly a market in which TCB would like to do more promotional activities. Bonaire as a destination greatly appeals to the European market. Its sustainable destination characteristics makes it a unique vacation spot.  It was a great opportunity to show case Bonaire to these top travel agents. In addition Bonaire was also invited to attend the Meier’s Weltreisen workshop in Aruba in order to show case Bonaire to the rest of the group. This was a Mega Fam Trip of 100 Travel Agents of which 51 visited Bonaire. Workshop

The first group of 34 visited Bonaire on November  26th -28th, 2013 and the second group on December 4th  – 5th, 2013.

The group had a chance to do site inspections at the four properties that they will be working with, which are;

Plaza Resort, Divi Flamingo, Captain Don’s Habitat and Harbour village.

In addition they enjoyed a tour of the Northern and Southern part of the island. Divi Flamingo organized a private snorkel tour at Klein Bonaire with lunch on board the Divi Dive, which was a memorable experience. Dinners were hosted by Plaza Resort and Captain Don’s Habitat.

Meier's 2013Tourism Corporation Bonaire would like to thank all who made this Fam Trip a success. A special thank you goes to  Rento Fun, Tropical Travel, Divi Flamingo Resort and Captain Don’s Habitat.

Meier’s Weltreisen has already included Bonaire in their Caribbean Magazine. We look forward to welcoming the German visitors on island.