Dec 10

Treasure Awaits You In Bonaire! Play the Diving For Bonaire Treasure Challenge

The hunt is on to find underwater treasure hidden in Bonaire. Bonaire Treasure Challenge

The Diving For Bonaire Treasure Challenge was officially launched November 6th at DEMA Show in Orlando, Florida. The objective of the Challenge is to find five of the 10 DiveCaches that have been placed at various dive sites around Bonaire. Divers who find five of the DiveCaches will be eligible to win a free trip to Bonaire.

All of the DiveCaches have been hidden by the dive shops sponsoring the Challenge and are registered on Opencaching.com.

Within the first month of the launch, over 50 participants have already signed up! To view the official rules click here.

The Challenge will run for the next six months, ending on April 30, 2014. Tom Ingram, Executive Director of DEMA will be on island the week of May 17, 2014, to collect all of the DiveCache tags and announce the winners.