Oct 22

Media Buzzes about Bonaire!

USAToday.com  (Unique Monthly Views [UMV]: 16,967,518)

Bonaire was featured in the September 28 issue of USAToday.com. Entitled “Top Three Ports For Snorkeling, Scuba Diving,” Bonaire’s cruise port is mentioned for offering attractions both above and beneath the surface. The island is highlighted for being a top choice to visit in the summer as it’s below the hurricane belt, and is known to many as a “diving paradise.” Pink Beach, 1,000 Steps and Hilma Hooker are as don’t miss dive sites. To read this article click here.

Montage Magazine (Circulation 125,000)

Bonaire was featured in the Fall 2013 issue of Montage Magazine. Entitled “Under the Sea,” Bonaire is one of the five destinations featured for offering some of the most spectacular scuba diving around the globe. Bonaire is profiled as the “Diving Capital of the World,” and highlights the variety of dive sites available on island. To read this article click here, and go to page 63.

This placement is a direct result of freelancer Cynthia Barnes’s participation in our July 2013 group press trip.

Jonathan Bird’s Blue World (165 million viewers)

Bonaire took the spotlight in one of Jonathan Bird’s Blue World Season 5 episodes. The entire episode profiles a group from the U.S. military who had sustained severe injuries in Afghanistan and Iraq and traveled to Bonaire for scuba diving rehabilitation and recreation. The group of wounded warriors participated in our annual program and was on island in 2011, as was Jonathan and his TV crew to cover the trip. Throughout the segment Jonathan interviews the veterans as they share their experiences about scuba diving and how it has helped them heal and cope with their injuries. The episode also showcases a variety of activities that TCB-NA coordinated for the group during their time on island. To watch this episode click here.

This placement is a direct result of Jonathan Bird’s press visit to the island in August 2011.