Oct 22

Bonaire in Mexico, huge Promotion!!

Sa entre Nous 2For the first time the island of Bonaire was promoted at Expo-Buceo.   This is the annual B2C dive show in Mexico gathering dive centers and the public sector.   The event was held on  October 05th and 06th.  It has a giant population of around 28 million people.

The Mexican market has a great potential for Bonaire.   Divers with a high income travel to Fiji, the Red Sea, Galapagos, Cuba, Roatan with a minimum of seven nights stay.  During the two days of Expo-Buceo, many family groups knew that Bonaire was present at the event and were eager asking for more information about the island and how to get there.   It was amazing to discover this market has better connectivity to the island than  Brazil.   The best connection is with United.   Mexicans divers can go from many cities to Houston US to connect with United directly to Bonaire on Fridays and come back on Saturdays.   This surprised us all, and of course, the Bonaire delegation.  For Mexicans is easy to go to Houston because there are many daily flights taking maximum 90 minutes.  The connection to Bonaire is perfect, departing Houston at night arriving in the morning to Bonaire.

During Expo-Buceo our Bonaire delegation met with the dive centers participating as exibitor in the event, some very interested to start selling Bonaire.  The Bonaire official presentation highlighting the prestigious Bonaire Marine Park was well attended by 60 participants.  The presentation was presented by Yasmin from TCB and Serge from Divi Flamingo.  Steve Cieremans (Muys) owner of SunRentals joined the Bonaire delegation.

Sa Entre Nous 3For this first approach to the market, TCB Latin America did  market research.   A previous contact with the key media Espacio Profundo was undertaken, and as a result we had an interesting meeting with them, to start soon Bonaire advertising in this important digital dive magazine.  We met with PADI Regional Manager Mr Robert Sievens; sharing important information such as Mexico is for Padi the # 01 market in certifications in the region.  And most important, we can say Bonaire has its first allied tour operator “Travel Group”.   Before travelling to Expo-Buceo, properties were asked to send their specials to the tour operator, who created a Bonaire flyer with packages to Bonaire promoted at the booth.

Within the marketing initiatives in 2014, Bonaire keeps on the look out for dive groups and other potential markets. throughout the Latin American region; much progress was made in market research and expanding promotional efforts to new markets in Mexico, Chile and Argentina.   In the three markets, we have found a diving industry which according to PADI, tends to grow interestingly in dive certifications meaning significant opportunities for Bonaire.