Oct 22

DEMA SHOW November 6-9, 2013

Entre Nous Dema

Bonaire DEMA exhibitors are preparing for this year’s show that will take place in Orlando, Florida from November 6th thru 9th. This year Bonaire will be represented by no less than 24 exhibitors.  In order to get more traffic and to gain better exposure to the pavilion, we will launch a Scratch N Dive promotional campaign. The Scratch N Dive contest is open for all DEMA Show attendees. To enter, attendees must visit the Bonaire Pavilion, as participating prize sponsors will only have the Scratch & Dive cards available at their booths.

“Bonaire is always looking for fresh ideas that bring the private sector together to promote the island and engage the audience at large,” commented Ethsel Pieternella, Director of Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB).  “The Scratch N Dive promotion is a fun way to drive traffic to the Bonaire Pavilion during the DEMA Show. It affords us the opportunity to talk intimately about our dive product and other well organized activities that are available on Bonaire.”

The prizes sponsored by the Bonaire pavilion’s exhibitors range from complimentary accommodations, airline tickets, diving, kayaking, island tours, dining certificates, jewelry and more. There will be multiple daily winners on Wednesday November 6th, 2013 through Friday November 8th, 2013

As a bonus, a Grand Prize will be offered to attendees who play and submit their used cards to Bonaire’s exhibitors. At the end of the first round of drawings, winners and losers will have a second opportunity to participate in the special drawing to win two round-trip airline tickets to Bonaire, from within the continental US, courtesy of Tourism Corporation Bonaire.

Bonaire is also a sponsor of the Be A Diver Pool which also allows Bonaire to have great exposure.

DEMA SHOW 2013 Bonaire Exhibitors: Bon Photo/Flow, Captain Dons Habitat, Eden Beach, Maduro, Sun Rentals, Bellafonte,  Sand Dollar, Dive Friends Bonaire, Elements, Island Express, Plaza Resort Bonaire, Divi Flamingo, Bonaire Dive and Adventure, BONHATA, Insel Air, Buddy Dive, Belmar, Car Club, Tiara Air Aruba, VIP Diving and TCB.