Aug 28

Do you want to know how your Tourism sector is doing?

As you may know, the Tourism sector is by far the most important economic pillar of Bonaire. For some time now, the sector’s stakeholders have been asking for objective data containing information about the sector and its dynamics.

Starting in September of 2013 a business survey will be conducted in order to deliver this added value to the sector. The study called Green Economic Model (GEM), conducted by WKICS, is intended to give insight into tourism as well as other sectors on the island. The study will be able to generate better insight into the economical figures of your sector by interviewing you face-to-face.

In a larger spectrum, the project aims to develop the groundwork to move towards a sustainable island by providing an overview of the current economic, social and ecological status of Bonaire. This enables both the public and private sectors to have more constructive discussions on policies and island strategy. As a branch organization, TCB supports this study and urges all businesses within the tourism sector to participate in this positive development.

We are aware of your time constraints and highly recommend and appreciate the fact that you are willing to invest your time to receive surveyors from WKICS and to go through their questionnaire. It would enormously help our industry if we gained a better insight.

Kind regards,

Ethsel Pieternella

Executive Director Tourism Corporation Bonaire