Jul 05

Beautiful artpiece for our tourists

Students from Fundashon Forma from the study of Qualifying Labormarket Assistant (Arbeidsmarkt Kwalificerend Assistent) MBO level 1 had the opportunity from Tourism Corporation Bonaire to create an artpiece in Kralendijk.

This will be a beautiful attraction for both tourists and locals. The artpiece will be a nice place to take pictures which has the main characteristics that represent Bonaire.

To make this Project posible, the students had to design, plan and realize the whole process of this project. This Project was part of the class “Akshon & Tayer” where they have to execute different projects in groups to help them demonstrate the 9 abilities tied to their study.

Throughout this Project the students got the opportunity to express their talent and at the same time learn and develop their abilities which will form them into assistants who are qualified in the labor market. During this period the students dedicated their time to plan and execute, now they are proud to present the final Project for everyone on the island to enjoy. TCB gave a certificate of excellency to the students for their great performance.

The artpiece is located next to the entrance of the Pier Chico Mercelina, in front of the Wilhelmina Park. Tourism Corporation Bonaire is extremely happy with the final project and want to ask the whole community to please take care of it, because this is a nice place where tourists as well as locals can take pictures.

The students who helped in this Project are: Andruw Bernabela, Angel van Wordragen, Brayan Angela Valdez, Cassandra Malcolm Reid, Etienne Priest, Geomar Alberto, Jean-Carlos Leyba, Jordrick Arrindel, Juëlston Janga, Marionelis Serberie, Queen-Vianique Thom, Reuël Trenidad, Rudaisca Geerman, Valdemar Janga, Angie Albarracin Cuevas and Diego Albarracin Ibarra. A thank you goes as well to the teacher Mr. Dietrich Winklaar.