Mar 16

Meridian also popular with travel agents

Meridian Travel is a well-known travel platform (online and offline) in the Netherlands. Last November, journalist Nico de Boer went on a press trip to Bonaire with the aim of informing tourists (particularly those in the still strongly growing Dutch leisure market) about this multifaceted island: there is a lot to explore and experience on the island of Bonaire, which makes it a very interesting destination for leisure vacation.

The result was a nine-page article (and a cover mention) in the January issue (published on December 30th, 2015). Meridian Travel has a reach of some 5 million people through subscribers and 30,000 magazine packages in locations such as waiting rooms.

Furthermore, a Business-to-Business marketing promotion was launched in early February and a copy was sent to our major business contacts. In addition, we approached our trade base (tour operators, airlines, travel agencies and online travel agents) via webmail, announcing the article and mentioning that a (free) copy could be requested from Meridian Travel. More than 100 copies were requested and thus it was “sold out” within just two days.









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