Mar 16

NAUI highlights Tech diving in Bonaire

An amazing press release on tech dive which also highlighted Bonaire on its front page was published in the 45th edition of Brazilian Divemag. This was as a result of the recent visit of NAUI Team visiting the island. The complete thirty-three (33) pages report delighted Brazilians increasing their interest to discover Bonaire as their next tech dive destination.

Read it here: http://divemag.org/wp-content/uploads/mag/divemag45w.pdf

Espacio Profundo from Mexico also highlighted the tech dive in Bonaire with a 10 page article titled “Bonaire tech el mejor buceo de costa” (Bonaire tech the best shore diving) was published in the 140th edition last December.

See the article here: http://www.espacioprofundo.com/digital/140/#16

As part of the agreement reached with NAUI Tech dive team in Bonaire together with the magazines Divemag Brazil, Espacio Profundo Mexico and Tiempo de Fondo Argentina, readers can enjoy the first two press releases of Bonaire. Soon the report in Tiempo de Fondo Argentina will follow.

The great news was the official publication of Worldwide NAUI Dive Association magazine which had Bonaire on the front cover. TCB thanks NAUI Association for having selected Bonaire to develop such an interesting TECH DIVE project on island.