Mar 16

TCB-Latin America continues with efforts in achieving improvements in airlift

TCB-Latin America will focus its marketing strategy in the year 2016 in the markets of Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. Airlift opportunities expanded for Colombia and Venezuela with Sundance Air offering non-stop charter flights between Bonaire and Venezuela; this will re-activate the leisure and corporate market. With Avior/Tiara Air strategic alliance plan offering inter island services, this will improve connectivity from South America. Insel Air is flying from Medellin and Barranquilla connecting Bonaire via Curacao. The airline is contemplating on adding Cali and Bucaramanga within its expansion routes. Since the Colombian market no longer needs a visa this will attract not only divers but also leisure and soft adventure visitors. The program of Sales Blitz, fam trip and press fam continues in close cooperation with Insel Air.

Sundance Air Venezuela

Sundance registered the company Bon Sky in Bonaire and offers flight services between Venezuela and Bonaire. In February TCB Headquarters and TCB-Latin America met with the owners of Sundance Air Venezuela and agreed on giving support to this great initiative that will increase tourism towards Bonaire.

Avior Airlines Venezuela

During Anato trade show in Bogota, TCB-Latin America conducted a meeting with the airline owners. Avior Airlines started flying from Bogota to Aruba and Curacao on March 3rd with very competitive rates. The great news obtained was that Avior is contemplating on expanding its Caribbean routes with services to Bonaire. Furthermore, Avior purchased Tiara Air and is planning to provide inter island services.