Jul 01

Launching new edition Bonaire brochure for Latin America

Produced in Spanish and Portuguese, the 32 page booklet comes beautifully designed with attractive pictures, general information for visitors, as well all the activities offered on Bonaire.

Scuba diving will be highlighted in central pages accompanied by colourful pictures.  11,000 brochures will be printed, distributing 5,000 only in Brazil, while 6,000 in the rest of the region, specifically Colombia.

What’s new on the brochure:

  • A very nice Bonaire map highlighting the sites of diving and snorkeling.  Also  new biking routes, windsurfing, kitesurfing, caves etc.
  • New sections such as Bonaire for Kids, Accommodations on island, Where to eat, Night entertainments and much more.
  • Print and digital format to be downloaded by visitors or our groups consulting while on island.

The bilingual Bonaire brochure and its practical size has much demand among tour operators, large dive centers and travel agencies.